Dog Items 0 item(s)

Fun and functional items for your dogs. Over the last 30 years we have participated in sled dog, weight pulls, and flying disk competitions as well as backpacking, camping, best trick contests and more. We not only enjoy the companionship of our dogs but believe that every dog loves a job. Our years of experience have led us to develop some unique fun and functional items that you and your dog will enjoy.

"Sled Dog" is a training and not a breed. I send out "How to Harness Your Dog" and "How to Teach Your Dog to Pull" information with each sale.

Please make sure you read and order the correct size for your dogs.

We try to keep our shipping as low as possible. Please remember that "shipping" is not only the amount it costs for the stamps, it also includes the envelopes, tape for closing and securing the package, and the trip to the post office (our time and gas).

Dog Coats 7 item(s)

Fun and functional clothing for your favorite 4 legged friend. Yes we dress out small dogs...much to Deron's dismay. LOL

All of the items are my own design, some my own pattern, and all made right here in our NW SD non smoking home.

Dog Hats 5 item(s)

Fun hats for your dog! Hats stay on the dogs head with adjustable elastic. Some of these hats will also fit cats, rabbits, and other animals of the same size.

Dog Collectibles 10 item(s)

Fun dog collectibles

Jewelry, Patches and More 4 item(s)

Here's some fun items. I call this "stuff" with dog themes.

Dog Harnesses 34 item(s)

Dog harness category summary...

Dog Backpacks 3 item(s)

Take your dog Backpacking with you. Your dog can carry it's own items it will need on the trail, plus more. The more dogs you take with you, the more items you can Backpack, making your time on the trail more comfortable, safer and fun.

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